One of the nicest things about our fun-raisers, besides seeing friends, eating, drinking, walking in a beautiful garden, and listening to wonderful music, is that while we are doing all this, we are helping others in desperate need. This year our get-together was especially celebratory and meaningful.

On a lovely cool evening in June, friends were thrilled to greet and SEE those they had not seen for nearly 18 months, to catch up with all the news while wandering through the gardens, or sitting in a shady corner, eating delicious food, drinking, and then being entertained by a very diverse and talented 13 piece orchestra. These wonderful musicians regaled us with a program ranging from short classical pieces, beautiful and transporting oboe and strings, vocal solos and duets, to John Denver with a ukulele, string quartets and a finale of Mendelssohn’s octet. A musical banquet to die for!

The ladies garden hat parade caused quite a sensation with many beautiful models appearing, a special addition to the evening. While having so much fun, we were able to raise $45,000 for our work in Haiti, which will go towards helping many families eliminate malnutrition in their young children, and then sending them to school. Students at our CFFL Agricultural School will also benefit from your invaluable help, as we continue to educate a new and vibrant generation of young people…training them to become a leading force in changing lives in their communities and their country.

Our wonderful and very faithful special sponsors, donors, and ticket-holders helped make all this possible, and my heartfelt thanks go out to you, one and all, and especially to that earthly assistant angel, Libby Wallace, without whose help we would never have made it the success it was!

Please enjoy a few photos of this special evening, and if you too would like to help us continue our work, but have not had a chance to do so, please don’t hesitate to go to our website to see how you could join this great band of incredibly generous and benevolent people!