Hope for thousands of Haitian families and children grew from a single hillside garden in Cange.

In the year 2000, Gillaine Warne began working in the village of Cange, in the central plateau of Haiti, alongside Father Fritz Lafontant, Dr. Paul Farmer, and our friends at Partners in Health. Father Lafontant introduced Gillaine to the area during a church mission trip, and shortly after, she was tirelessly working to uplift the people of the central plateau.  Her first projects addressed rampant childhood malnutrition. Then she set a goal of bringing smallholder farming back to the area as a foundation of health and prosperity for those most in need.

Gillaine was instrumental in introducing Nourimanba, a peanut-based therapeutic food, to the central plateau. Through our Family Economic Security Program, developed in coordination with Partners in Health, we have helped to treat and reverse malnutrition for more than 50,000 children, in more than 15,000 families.

Our work, in close partnership with the local citizens, now focuses on education and smallholder farming as tools for economic mobility, health equity, and reforestation for the families and children of the central plateau.

Here’s a bit of our origin story, in two quick videos.

Part One

Part Two