Agriculture is the hope of rural Haiti.

A community’s ability to sustainably grow, distribute and market its own food is fundamental to its well-being. Agriculture provides food and income to families and children. It offers young Haitians an opportunity to go into business for themselves. And it happens to be the best way to bring trees and forests back to this beautiful island.

To date, we’ve improved the health and lives of more than 50,000 children in 15,000 families. And we’ve launched the careers of 200+ young entrepreneurs.

Our model has two interwoven components- educating young entrepreneurs in agribusiness, and launching family-led smallholder farms. Both are quickly summarized below.

We educate bright young people on our own campus, and create socially-minded entrepreneurs in agribusiness.

Our agricultural school is the Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant (CFFL), located in Corporant. We also own and operate two teaching farms, totaling 165 acres, located on campus and in nearby Lachateau.

Our educational model was developed with EARTH University in Costa Rica, and brings the best in sustainable agricultural science to those who need it most. CFFL provides young Haitians with modern technical skills, along with training in ethics, entrepreneurship, leadership, business management, and community development. Woven through it all is a sense of responsibility for the common good.

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We bring materials and training to isolated villages, and help women and families become productive, sustainable smallholder farmers.

In the most remote villages of the central plateau, women lead most of the families. They struggle mightily to feed their children, and sustainable farming is their only hope for food, income, and a better life. But they lack the materials and training they need to farm productively in Haitian soil.

We help them get started, with proper training and tools. We visit regularly and help solve problems as soil is prepared, crops are planted, cared for, and harvested. It all pays off as we help our budding smallholder farmers understand how to access local markets and sell their surplus.

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