It is with untold sadness that we must say farewell to our beloved Father Fritz Lafontant, who passed away at home on June 27 2021, surrounded by his family and closest friends.

The blessings bestowed upon us by this incredible man, whose life was dedicated to speaking and defending those “who couldn’t speak for themselves,” have touched the hearts and lives of literally millions of people.

His determined and positive leadership, as we walked hand in hand down the road to furthering education and agriculture at CFFL (Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant), was inspirational. His caring and gentle heart embraced us all as we traversed the countryside, helping families, sometimes on foot and sometimes on a donkey, together, he sowing love, hope and restoration of dignity every step of the way.

The people of Partners in Agriculture / Zanmi Agrikol have been honored to know and love this profoundly humble man and to revere his work, and we are extraordinarily proud to be able to carry on his legacy of learning and compassion, truly believing that, as he frequently said, “To invest in Education is to invest in the Future.” His legacy will live on in the hearts, minds and actions of those who have been so deeply touched by Fr. Fritz Lafontant.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to our Haitian family of ‘Papy Pe,’ and to all who mourn, but knowing also that the sun will rise again and the work that has been begun by this giant of a man will continue on, from generation unto generation.

-Gillaine and Charles