Please donate, and offer a hand-up. Not a hand-out.

The students, families, and children we work with are not looking for hand-outs. But they are desperate for a hand-up…a start. An opportunity to build their own, self-sufficient lives.

Our focus on hand-ups means that 100% of your investment goes toward growth-propelling initiatives for families and students. 

For example, a $150 donation would not be used to purchase food to feed a family. Instead, it would buy a goat for the family, which would provide an ongoing source of milk and cheese…and more goats!

Please consider making a one-time or monthly donation, and help us provide the hand-up these young people and families deserve. They will be so grateful, and you will know that you are helping to permanently improve the lives of people you may never meet. There are few satisfactions as enduring and complete as this.

Your online donation is completely secure, however, if you prefer to send a check by mail, please send to:

Partners in Agriculture
P.O. Box 31226
Greenville, SC 29608

Interested in something specific?

Here are some of the needs you can personally fulfill with your generous donation. Please indicate what you would like your gift to go towards in the “Add special instructions to the seller” portion of the donation process.

CFFL Agricultural School

Our school focused on agriculture and entrepreneurship (Learn More)

  • Full scholarship — $5,100
  • Paid internship opportunity — $2,000
  • New computers for the computer lab — $5,000
  • Uniforms and books for one student — $150
  • Meals for one student — $50 x 10 months = $500
  • Assistance with teacher salaries — any amount will help tremendously!
Smallholder Farming / Family Security

Our CFFL graduates are employed to provide training to our new smallholder farmers. You can help them by providing some of the specific tools and materials they need to do their good work. (Learn More)

  • Trees and seeds — $250
  • Tools and equipment — $150
  • 1 goat to provide ongoing food and income — $150
  • 4 chickens to provide ongoing food and income— $100
  • Help with family school fees — $100
  • Smallholder Farming Package (all of the above) — $750