We give young Haitians the education they need to feed their communities, create jobs, and do it profitably.

Our agricultural school is the Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant (CFFL), in the village of Corporant, just outside of Mirebalais. We also own and operate two teaching farms, totaling 165 acres, located on the CFFL campus and in nearby Lachateau.

Our highly qualified teachers emphasize learning by experience.

Students spend 60% of their time in the field, and 40% in the classroom. CFFL is also the only school in Haiti equipped with modern computer, soil, and science laboratories. These labs address two of the main challenges in Haitian agriculture: soil fertility and pest management.

After two and a half years of intensive study, fieldwork, and internships, our bright and hopeful students earn their Agriculture Technician Diploma and are poised to change their corner of the world. Then we do everything possible to help them launch their own agribusiness, farm, or social enterprise.

The cost for our students is kept low, at $5,100 per student, per year. Our students are typically coming from extreme poverty, so we often subsidize up to 85% of their tuition. More than 200 young entrepreneurs have graduated from CFFL to date, and they’re working in their communities right now.

Our agricultural school also provides assets for the other component of our model…the creation of smallholder farms in rural Haitian communities. Seeds, trees, chickens, goats are all part of our “starter kit” for smallholder farms, and most come from our own agricultural campus.

We’re proud to say that the best of these shared assets are CFFL graduates who’ve chosen to work with us and help launch these smallholder farms. They take what they’ve learned at school and put it to work for families in the central plateau, advising them every step of the way, over a three-year period.

All of these educational elements spring from the five core pillars of CFFL: Science & Technology, Environment, Economy, Ethics, and Social & Moral Responsibility.

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