Why Haiti?

There is poverty and need in many places around the world, including our own communities. So why are we asking you to invest in the families of Haiti’s central plateau?

Because it’s where the need is greatest.

The central plateau of Haiti is the poorest region in the western hemisphere. If it were a nation, the health and economic mobility of its people would rank 182nd of the 189 nations on the globe*. And it’s less than two hours flying time from the United States.

Families and children are suffering, and the island’s natural environment has suffered as well. Haiti’s mountains and valleys were once blanketed with trees, but extreme poverty has led to deforestation as families search for any way to make a few dollars or gather fuel for cooking.

The production of charcoal is a major economic factor in the region, and this has only worsened the situation for the people and wildlife.

The unique logistical and social realities in Haiti aren’t easy to manage for global organizations trying to help. Over the years, many organizations have pulled up stakes and left these desperate people behind, to be forgotten. But we’ve stuck it out.

* The Human Development Index (HDI), as measured by the United Nations Development Program, is a mere .435.

Good work can be done in partnership with Haiti’s grateful people. It just takes commitment and community.

We’ve been working with the people of the central plateau since the year 2000. We’re well-known and trusted in the villages, and our leadership on the ground is native Haitian. We know the obstacles, and we know the workarounds.

We avoid the trappings of “toxic charity” and provide a hand-up…not hand-outs. The results speak for themselves, in marketable education and skills for young people, sustainable livelihoods for families, economic mobility and choices for women, and dignity for these proud people.

We’re getting it done, and we’re getting it done the right way. But we need your help.