We’re working to bring economic mobility to women, families, and entrepreneurs in central Haiti, and make the island green again.

Our vision is to sustainably improve human development in the region. Education, agribusiness, and smallholder farms bring knowledge, understanding, food, and income to families and children, and are the best channels to bring trees and forests back to this beautiful island. Many of our smallholder farmers are mothers, experiencing their first glimpses of economic mobility and true hope for their families.

We educate bright young people on our own campus and farms near Mirebalais in the Central Plateau and create socially-minded entrepreneurs in agribusiness.

Our graduates then bring materials and training to the poorest, most isolated villages we can find, and help women become productive, sustainable smallholder farmers. We also bring trees back to the villages, with incentives for farmers to keep them growing.

To date, we’ve improved the health and lives of more than 50,000 children in 15,000 families, and have launched the careers of 200+ young entrepreneurs.