Our Model is implemented on the ground, every day, by Haitians who are committed to uplifting their own country and people.

Zanmi Agrikol is our name in Haiti, and our boots on the ground. Our in-country staff members are hardworking, native Haitians. Zanmi Agrikol’s Executive Director oversees all operations, and is supported by a local Board of dedicated, cross-disciplinary experts.

Partners in Agriculture is our name in the United States. Our fundraising, financial operations, and board governance function under this name. Partners in Agriculture is a registered nonprofit organization, Federal ID# 46-4514524. All contributions are tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

Although each unit is a legal entity in its home country, our organization operates as one. All employees in Haiti report to the Executive Director of Zanmi Agrikol. The Executive Director reports to the Board Chairs for both Zanmi Agrikol and Partners in Agriculture in the United States.

Partners in Agriculture: Board of Trustees

Gillaine Warne


Gillaine Warne was born and educated in Australia, then finished her studies in both France and New York. Upon moving to South Carolina, she met Fr. Fritz Lafontant, the inspirational creator of the little village of Cange in the Plateau Central of Haiti. Gillaine has now been travelling to Haiti for over 20 years, and has concentrated her efforts on creating an agricultural program to combat the disastrous effects of malnutrition in children under 5years.

Producing and supplying the Zanmi Lasante health clinics with an RUTF (ready to use therapeutic food) and forming a Family Assistance program, she has now expanded her efforts to building a Vocational School to educate and promote sustainable agricultural programs.

Her dedicated work in Haiti has been acknowledged by many, and she is the recipient of The Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans  Award, the Garden Club of America Horticultural Award, the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest award, and been honored with a Doctor of Humanities  from Furman University. She continues to spend her time between Haiti and SC. and with what little time left between her large family and her own garden.

Charles Warne


Born in Australia, Charles Warne attended College in Sydney and was educated in agriculture and animal husbandry. He spent time farming in the outback of New South Wales raising sheep, cattle, and grains.

Charles began his Haitian journey alongside his wife Gillaine in the year 2000, after seeing great humanitarian need in Haiti. He quickly became involved in agricultural efforts in the region, raising funds for projects centered in Haiti’s Central Plateau. Over time, Charles and Gillaine assisted Haitians in establishing Zanmi Agrikol to provide training and guidance in agricultural practices with a focus on growing ingredients for a food medication for the treatment of malnutrition in children.

As he saw the malnutrition rates drop in the Central Plateau with these initial efforts, Charles realized that sustainable farming and education was key to the long-term success and vitality of the country. As a result, Charles has provided financing for the purchase of land. He has dedicated himself to fundraising efforts for equipment and machinery and developing and equipping CFFL, a vocational school on the farm in Corporant.

As a long-time Rotarian, Charles sought and obtained Rotary International grants for all areas of development for the work being done in the various projects in Haiti.

Jonathan Vipperman


Jonathan Vipperman has been advocating for support of projects in Haiti since his first trip the Central Plateau in 2011.

His involvement includes projects in agriculture, education, clean water, and health through Partners In Agriculture, Clemson University, the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina, and Summits Education. Jonathan has spent more than twenty years in Healthcare information technology, and currently serves as the General Manager of Clinical Exchange at Change Healthcare.

Jonathan is a graduate of The Citadel, and The University of South Carolina Law school. He resides in Columbia, SC with his wife Lisa and their three daughters.

Marie Flore Lafontant Chipps

Marie Flore Lafontant Chipps, daughter of Fr. Fritz Lafontant, is the Executive Director of Summits Education, which operates 40 primary schools in rural Haiti. She is also the director of the social programs in Zanmi Lasante. She earned a degree in management and started her profession as a public health advocate with a family planning project in Cange that enabled women to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health.

As one of the leaders of Zanmi Lasante, Marie Flore has spent her career working in many areas, including water, sanitation, education, and supporting those most vulnerable, such as the elderly and orphans. She is now a member of the Board of Zanmi Agrikol, through which she is using her work ethic and positive attitude to fight and prevent malnutrition by offering seeds, trees, and education.

Wendy Judy

Wendy lived and worked on the campus of EARTH University in Costa Rica for 32 years. Most recently she was a member of the development team working to advance the mission, programs and vision of EARTH University (2008-2021). Her primary responsibilities included the cultivation, management and stewardship of partnerships with large foundations and government entities in the United States and Canada.

Previously (1999-2008) she was part of an EARTH University team responsible for developing and coordinating an international collaboration and dialogue which aimed to foster leadership and change in rural communities worldwide, through promoting innovative models of higher education in agriculture and natural resources relevant to common social, economic and environmental needs.

Wendy holds a Master’s degree in City Planning from the University of California-Berkeley, and is a former Peace Corps volunteer.

Dr. Daniel Sherrard

Daniel, currently living in the mountains of North Idaho, was one of the founding members of EARTH University in Costa Rica (www.earth.ac.cr). At EARTH he served as a Professor, Academic Dean and Provost and played a key role in developing many of the unique aspects of EARTH’s learning model, including the admissions program, the focus on experiential learning and the entrepreneurship program. Daniel retired from EARTH in 2019 after 32 years of service.

Daniel has been active in popularizing EARTH’s academic model in Latin America, the Caribbean and particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, where he has collaborated for many years with the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), a consortium of 147 universities in Eastern, Central, Northern, Western & Southern Africa. Daniel is currently a member of RUFORUM’s International Advisory Board.

Daniel holds a PhD from Iowa State University in Agricultural Education. He is passionate about the potential of education to improve lives, and is especially concerned about providing educational opportunities to those most in need.

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD

Emeritus – In Memoriam

Dr. Paul Farmer was one of the first Board members for Partners in Agriculture. A world-renowned medical anthropologist and physician, he was a co-founder of Partners in Health / Zanmi Lasante. He dedicated his life to improving health care for the world’s poorest people. He began his lifelong commitment to Haiti in 1983 while still a student, working with dispossessed farmers in Haiti’s Central Plateau. Paul and his work were featured extensively in the book “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” by Tracy Kidder.

Paul was also a Kolokotrones University Professor and Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Chief of the Division of Global Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and co-founder of Partners in Health. He served as UN Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Community Based Medicine and Lessons from Haiti.

Paul and his colleagues pioneered novel, community-based treatment strategies that demonstrated the delivery of high-quality health care in resource-poor settings. He wrote extensively on health, human rights, and the consequences of social inequality. He received numerous honors and was a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Partners in Agriculture: Special Advisory Board

Graham Huff

Graham Huff has been working in Haiti since 2009 as Executive Director of League of Hope. Graham created the Haiti Agriculture Virtual Technical Assistance Program, which has over 60 agriculture experts from around the world available to counterparts in Haiti at four partnership agriculture schools, including CFFL. Graham also developed the soil testing facility at CFFL, and has provided for training the personnel now responsible for operating the soil lab. Graham implemented a USAID Farmer-to-farmer project which trained scores of Haitian agronomists in advanced agricultural techniques to improve crop yields in Haiti. Graham received a BS and MS degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech, and received a UPS scholarship for a professional certificate in Humanitarian Logistics from Georgia Tech.

Loune Viaud

Loune Viaud is the global Chief of Gender and Social Equity for Partners in Health. Until September 2021, she served as Executive Director of Zanmi Lasante, Partners in Health’s sister organization in Haiti. She won the 2002 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for her work with the group to provide health care in Haiti, and in 2003 was named one of Ms. magazine’s “Women of the Year”.

Zanmi Agrikol:  Board of Trustees

Charles Warne


Charles and his wife Gillaine co-founded Partners in Agriculture and Zanmi Agrikol.  Charles sits on both Boards, and his bio can be seen in the Partners in Agriculture listing above.

Reginald Cean

Executive Director

Reginald Cean is the Executive Director of Zanmi Agrikol, our operation in Haiti. He is responsible for the organization’s overall strategic leadership and programmatic operations.

Prior to his position at Zanmi Agrikol, Reginald served as the National Coordinator for MGP, a project aimed to re-establish agriculture production capacities in the in the South and Grand’Anse departments of Haiti. This project was funded by the USAID Haiti Mission through the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Grain Legumes (Legume Innovation Lab [LIL]), managed by Michigan State University (MSU).

Reginald has also worked as a consultant in agriculture education and training for a number of local and international organizations, including IFC and ACDI-VOCA. He has worked in a number of research projects with Virginia Tech, University of Puerto Rico, Texas Tech, University of Maryland, and Sewanee University on soil conservation, rhizobium inoculation, peanut, biogas production, biodiversity, and soil fertility.

He holds a BA in agricultural sciences and natural resources from EARTH University in Costa Rica, and an MBA in non-profit management at Brandeis University with a concentration on social entrepreneurship and impact management.

Marie Flore Lafontant Chipps

Marie Flore Lafontant Chipps is the Executive Director of Summits Education.  She sits on both both the Partners in Agriculture and Zanmi Agrikol Boards, and her bio can be seen in the PIA listing above.

Dr. Hervil Cherubin

Hervil is the Country Director in Haiti for Heifer International.

Yves St. Germain

Yves is a prominent businessman and farmer in Haiti’s Central Plateau.