The trees of Haiti are coming back…to stay.

The farmers of Haiti want to grow more than food.  After decades of poverty-driven deforestation, they want to make their island green again. Our Family Security Program gives smallholder farmers that opportunity, and they’re running with it.

When fully funded, the program includes 100 fruit-bearing trees per family, in addition to the other materials needed for smallholder farming. The numbers can add up quickly, with 50,000 trees targeted for the villages of Sarazin and Boucan Carre, where we are planning to launch 500 new smallholder farms over the next year.

We’re working with partners such as Sewanee University and Rotary International to amplify our impact. In the area of Bois Jolie, a rich carbon-sucking canopy of nearly 10,000 Mahogany, Mango and Spanish Cedar are being cared for by our farmers. These trees sequestered 120 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the year 2019 alone. They also provided erosion control, shade, habitat for wildlife, and in many cases, food.

Carbon payments to our farmers are based on verified tree health and size to ensure that the trees are properly cared for over time. And one village at a time, Haiti is becoming green…again!