It was a very big day at CFFL as 48 certificates were presented to both young and not so young graduates enrolled in intensive six-month vocational programs at CFFL in construction, metal work, and carpentry. This certificate program targeted and fulfilled the critical need for trade and career specific education.   The students were all from distant, rural villages and had never had an opportunity to learn a trade or attend any other post secondary school. Many attended high school only through the ninth grade. They were very enthusiastic and willing participants, finding it hard to believe they actually had the possibility of the training being offered them.



15 students studied construction and metal work and 15 additional students were enrolled in carpentry and furniture making. Another larger group of 18 students, already employed in the construction industry, took specialized training in safe staircase design and construction.

Most importantly, it was CFFL graduates who taught the six-month courses, and served as instructors. This group of CFFL teachers represents the first promotion of students who received teacher-training diplomas – and the first group to use their newly acquired skills in front of the classroom!

What a thrill it was for us all, including Pere Lafontant, CFFL’s mentor and namesake, to present these certificates. For CFFL Director Abraham Cerventes and the young teaching staff, the graduation ceremony represented hard work, industrious application, and a great accomplishment.


The new graduates were all presented with wonderful toolboxes complete with instruments and tools to help them on their way as they join the building work force. We wish them all success and fruitful accomplishments, knowing they have had the very best possible training and are able to represent CFFL with their knowledge of construction and woodworking. CFFL will benefit from some of the lovely pieces of furniture that were the final exam projects and which will be displayed in various rooms of the school. Congratulations to all the graduates!


Neither they – nor we – can do it alone.