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A Taste of Honey, a Touch of Passion, and a Hint of Mango

Well, our two master Buzzzzzzzzzzz men, Claudet and Schemler, are very busssy fencing in our bees to keep out unwanted animals, and also planting lots and lots of moringa trees along with other desirable pollen producing plants for the many bee hives we now have.

Of course the bees delight in the mango flowering season but need other important plants to provide the necessary ingredients for what is going to be an amazing harvest of wonderful and mysteriously flavored honey! It will be interesting to see if anyone will be able to pick up “a touch of passion fruit or a hint of mango” in our honey, or just allow themselves to be transported to a tropical isle with the fragrance and flavor of our combined “exotic” ingredients of our homemade honey.

Our dream is that you will soon be able to purchase this delicious product bee-cause your support will help send kids to school in Haiti — what a sweet idea!!!