Exciting News from CFFL (Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant) in Haiti

CFFL is excited to announce the graduation of 36 more students on January 27th, 2017.

The Graduating Class of 2016 will be made up of 22 Genie Civil (Construction) students — including 4 women for the very first time — and 14 Woodworking students, also including 4 women.

These students have completed 2 ½ years of intensive studies, and presented their final technical exhibits for examination, with excellent results. Partners in Agriculture and the graduates of CFFL, especially those who benefited from scholarships, would like to thank the many who have given their time and talent, and supported financially, the success of these students — neither they nor we could have done it without your help.

We are proud to say that these are a talented lot of kids, now ready and equipped to take their places in the real world and become 36 more Starfish thrown back into the great turbulent Sea of Haiti. May God go with them.

Below you will see the Director’s Desk, a fabulous round table and bench which will go under and around the base of a mango tree, and a beautiful cabinet. All great work from our students.


The Director’s Desk

Round Table

Round Table with Bench