Growing Food, Growing Children

Started in 2004 with plantings of banana trees, corn, beans, vegetables, and fruit trees, the farm at Corporant originally provided produce for hospitals, schools, and clinics. Later, considering the gravity of malnutrition in the region, our farms transitioned to focus on food medications, specifically:

  • Nourimanba, a peanut-based mixture with minerals and vitamins
  • Two forms of Nourimil, a cereal/protein nutritive supplement of either rice and beans or corn and beans ground into powder and used for slightly less serious cases of malnutrition

We have seen extraordinary results in the recovery of children thanks to the produce from our farms. To date, farming over 100 acres, we have generated over 125,000 lbs. of Nourimil and 150,000 lbs. of Nourimanba, to treat over 27,000 children.

Now, the demand for medical foods is lessening slightly, and so our farms are increasingly being used to teach farming for food and for income. Following a period of teaching and co-opping, some plots will be turned over to individuals to manage.

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