Thanks Pardners!


Thanks to the many supporters, friends, benefactors and sponsors of Partners In Agriculture who kicked up their heels and helped make our 2016 Hoe Down for Haiti a great success!

We square danced, do-si-doed, chowed down on mouth watering barbeque, and bid on some wonderful auction items, all for the benefit of Partners In Agriculture and its many educational and outreach programs in Corporant, Haiti. Your invaluable support is literally changing and saving lives!


Thanks to You…

  • We are able to offer 6 full scholarships and 6 half scholarships to students in the three disciplines of woodworking, construction, and agriculture. Additionally, your financial support helps cover some of the 60 percent of tuition for all students, and helps the farms of ZA continue their programs of peanuts and food production.
  • Our state of the art vocational school, The Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant, ( CFFL) Vocational School (built with Bread and Water campaign funds) will graduate another group of young people in Construction and Woodworking in December and the new Agriculture program has just enrolled 30 new students. In all CFFL has graduated 57 students, and now has a total of 75 students currently enrolled.
  • CFFL is now fully recognized and accredited. All graduates passed State and CFFL exams – a 100 percent success rate!
  • Our keynote program – the Family Security Program – has just enrolled another 100 families and will add another 100 next year thanks to a recently received WF Kellogg Foundation grant. This program is aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty by working with families to eliminate malnutrition. Additionally, the program is now being run by, and with CFFL agriculture graduates! Please go to our site to see new pictures of the distribution of 64 goats to 32 families.
  • Our malnutrition program has treated over 45,000 children and produced over 263,000 kilos of the miracle food medication Nourimanba. Our agriculture program grows the peanuts for this product.
  • Our three farms are producing mangoes, bananas, black beans, and other marketable crops and the small animal projects with chickens, bees, rabbits and fish are flourishing. The Christ Church Chick House is having a ‘fix-up’ getting it ready to receive 600 chicks during this month.
  • With all this good news you may think that our work is nearly over – far from it, as every day we see families and children living in appalling circumstances, and it’s the rainy season. We still have so much to do, so we are truly grateful to you for your incredible support in our mission to help the most needy, one little family (starfish) at a time.

Thank you for your continuing support of Partners In Agriculture/Zanmi Agrikol and for your wonderful support of our 2016 Hoe Down for Haiti! Mesi!!